Students must be advised each semester prior to registering

Contact your history faculty adviser directly to schedule your appointment.

If you do not have a history faculty adviser, or have general advising questions, please contact the department chairperson, Dr. Barclay Key at

To fulfill course requirements for graduation a student must complete

University core requirements
A major field
A minor field
At least 45 upper-level hours
A total of 124 hours
The distribution of courses for a History major who graduates with 124 hours will look something like this

Core courses: 44 hours
Foreign language: 9 hours
Courses in the Major: 30 hours
Courses in the Minor: 18 hours
Elective courses: 23 hours

For additional information see the UA Little Rock Undergraduate Catalog. For Core Curriculum, pp. 6-8. For B.A. Degree Requirements, p. 25

Advising basics

For most students, advising begins in University College where the staff members are well-skilled in UA Little Rock requirements and procedures. The university encourages students to choose a major at an early stage in their career, however, after which they will be advised in that department. Department advisors know more about their specific fields, department programs, procedures in the college.

The History Departments takes a personal interest in its majors. We want you to do well while you are here and not stay in college longer than you want to be here.

Students will always be better off the more they know about requirements and procedures and take responsibility for their own affairs.

It makes sense to be careful about choosing courses

Having an excessive number of electives, needing 150 hours to graduate, for example, is not uncommon among UA Little Rock students.

Sometimes extra hours result from changes in one’s vocational goals or from just “shopping around” to find out what is interesting, both of which can be a very good idea. Often they are the result of transferring from one school to another, which is also the right thing to do in many cases. Whatever the reason, more hours than you need is no problem unless it keeps you in school longer than you want to be there.

Part of the advising process is helping students students avoid taking unnecessary hours and fitting the courses they have into UA Little Rock requirements.