Students must audition to pursue a degree in the Department of Music, or qualify for Scholarships. The audition should consist of two contrasting pieces on your principal instrument/voice. A percussion audition should include a selection on at least two of the three main performance areas (snare drum, keyboard, timpani). You will be heard by members of the performance faculty and the results of your audition will help place you with the appropriate private studio instructor and/or in student ensembles.

For Specifics on auditions in each area, see the links below.


Brass and Wind




Audition Application 

*With the move to online instruction at university campuses, the department of music is also extending auditions to an online format. If you are interested in auditioning for a music scholarship, we are accepting audio/video auditions. DM us on Facebook or email us for more information.

Vocal Auditions:
Instrumental Auditions:


Here is a link to our scholarship page:
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