Our audition process has three components. In order to qualify for a Music Department Scholarship, a student must declare as a music major once admitted to UALR. Each student is required to participate during the audition day in each of the following components in order to provide you and the faculty with the best possible information about your current musical achievement level.

  • A performance audition of two contrasting pieces on your principal instrument/voice – You will be heard by members of the performance faculty and the results of your audition will help place you with the appropriate private studio instructor and/or student ensemble. Additionally, the audition is used by the faculty to determine if a student will receive a scholarship offer.
  • A Theory Placement Assessment – Even if you have had no prior music theory training and are not at present an experienced note-reader, this assessment allows the Music Department to place you in the appropriate theory/music literacy course, the very basis of formal music study.
  • Keyboard Skills Evaluation – Each music major at UALR is required to pass a piano proficiency. This evaluation will place you in the appropriate group piano course, or if you are a pianist, will allow the faculty to provide you with instruction appropriate to your level of piano/keyboard proficiency.


We encourage you to email Dr. Naoki Hakutani or call at (501) 683-7230 to schedule an audition date that works best for you.

Here is a link to our scholarship application form:

Scholarship Application

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