Music Degrees

UA Little Rock offers two undergraduate degrees in music which will equip students to become informed musicians, diverse thinkers, and leaders in the arts. Students gain practical experience in their emphasis area and a lifelong appreciation of the beauty, benefits, and interdisciplinary relevance of music. We also offer a minor in music. All music majors are required to take and pass the piano proficiency exam.

Music Degrees

Bachelor of Arts in Music

The B.A. in Music is designed for students who wish to study music, but also want flexibility and breadth. Our program emphasizes collaborative skills in ensembles, listening skills in performance, and creative and analytical skills in theory and history. Graduates are prepared for careers either in or outside of music. Musicians bring a valuable set of core creative competencies to their work, such as risk-taking, problem-solving, dealing with ambiguity, and inductive reasoning.

This degree has three tracks to choose from:

Bachelor of Music in Music Education

The B.M. in Music Education is a professional degree designed for students who wish to become certified K-12 music teachers. Our curriculum combines the study of music with the study of teaching and learning. Students take private lessons on their major instrument, study music history, music theory, and work in partnership with the school of education to develop an understanding of music pedagogy.

This degree has two emphasis options:

Degree Checklists

Bachelor of Arts in Music:

Bachelor of Music in Music Education:

Students must audition in order to pursue a degree in the Department of Music or to qualify for Scholarships.