Minor in Music
This curriculum is designed to provide opportunities in music learning for non-music major students through courses in listening, basic musicianship, music theory, music history, and courses of special interest to the student. The curriculum is not intended to prepare a student for a career in music and does not certify a student to teach privately or in public schools. A minor in music consists of 19 course hours, including:

  • Three hours of Music Theory (MUTH), to be chosen from the theory course offerings in the department.
  • Six hours of music history and literature courses (MUHL 2305) to include Intro to Music, with emphasis on the development of heightened listening skills, covering the history and repertoire of musical style periods (e.g. Baroque or Classical) or musical genres (e.g. jazz, blues, or rock).
  • Ten hours of electives, to be chosen from departmental offerings in music history, theory, private instruction, applied class (voice, piano, and guitar), ensembles, and music education, with the added possibility of special studies in specific areas to be offered on the basis of student interest and need and the availability of faculty. The choice of the overall program design is subject to the approval of the chairperson of the music department or an advisor designated by the chairperson.
  • Minor advisor: Karen Palmer – klpalmer@ualr.edu – 501-569-3294.