Double Major Looks Forward to "Amazing Opportunities"

Madison Hedrick

Some would say that UALR student Madison Hedrick has her work cut out for her. She is a professional and technical writing major with aspirations in the medical field as a pediatric critical care specialist.

“I originally just majored in biology. My freshman year, however, I took Composition II in the rhetoric and writing department and couldn’t see writing not being one of the main focuses of my education,” said Hedrick.

The Department of Rhetoric and Writing offers a bachelor of arts degree in professional and technical writing. Track I focuses on creative nonfiction, such as biography and memoir writing. As a Track II major, Hedrick’s main concentration is in technical writing.

“I interned with the Arkansas Society of Technical Communication, “ Hedrick said, “and saw the amazing opportunities available in the technical writing field.”

She also took two semesters to intern in the University Writing Center. “I was able to see problems other writers encounter while polishing my own,” explained Hedrick. “It is amazing how easily you can learn when teaching another person.”

Hedrick has been published in Quills & Pixels, the UALR journal of nonfiction, and has received several scholarships and academic and public service awards. She is grateful to faculty in the rhetoric and writing department for their encouragement.

“There are faculty members within the rhetoric and writing department who have become like second family to me,” said Hedrick. “I never feel alone on campus, and that is a valuable asset I don’t think you can put a price on. When you have an accomplished teaching professional on your team, it is incredible the goals you can reach!”

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