Entry 1

After hearing about The Washington Center from different faculty members on my campus, I decided to apply for this prestigious program.  After finding out that I had been selected to participate in the fall 2008 semester, I had to decide on a place to intern.  My program advisor, Sarah Jagolinzer, helped me find an internship that fit exactly what I was looking for:  Crime scene investigation with science involved.  I applied for an internship with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) in the Death and Homicide Unit.

I flew to Washington, D.C. on July 8 and had my interview on July 10.  I was nervous out of my mind.  There were two people interviewing me at once.  One would throw a question at me and then the other would follow with another question.  I waited about two weeks to hear the results of the interview.  Finally, I get an email from Jennifer Prasarn stating that she would like to offer me a position with NCIS.  How exciting!!  I accepted the position in a heartbeat.   The course I selected was forensic psychology.  I believe this course will be beneficial to me because it ties in with my major, Anthropology/Biology.

There are many things I hope to gain from The Washington Center.  The internship will be very demanding but interesting.  The forensic psychology course I chose will help me better understand forensics from a different perspective.  I also hope to gain critical thinking skills.  Although I am already a good thinker, it is a must that I think critically in the NCIS setting.  Since I will be working in the Death and Homicide Unit, I need to be able to think logically and reason in order to work my assigned cases.

Overall, I am excited to begin this new experience. I’ll keep you updated during the semester!

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