Entry 15

This morning we made three new tools to get a final surface on the clay piece.  We used old broken hammer handles; welding rod that was cold forged flat, pliers, packing tape, wire and my trusty half-round file.

I stayed at the studio for the fourth day in a row for lunch. It’s quieter and simpler there. Walking the park for a while after lunch refreshes my energy for working in the studio.

At 4:30 we finished the clay work, cleaned up and took lots of photographs with all the different folks that helped out on “Visionary.”  Over the past few weeks ten folks helped out in various capacities of tying together wood crosses, putting on clay, filling clay holes, paddling, reconstructing clay after it fell, building armatures and making tools.  The piece looks good.

We covered it in wet sheets and then plastic.  Friday or Saturday they start on the multi-piece plaster mold.  Pong and I will take a waste mold of the model so we can make a plaster cast of it to ship home.

The first part of the granite piece is coming along well.  My stone assistant is getting the basic knife-edge form of the tall piece rouged out.
I plan on making a new model for the granite piece casting a waste mold and painting the piece so it looks like granite for the Committee.

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