Entry 27

Yesterday I had marked up the fiberglass replica of “Visionary.”  Today I discovered they had filled in all the areas that I had marked off.  It’s still a bit rough but it’s getting better in its finish and form.

I spent most of the morning drawing on the third stone, looking at the model and moving the template for the bottom of the knife-edge form.  Once I decided and marked it with a marker they scored it, drilled the drop off section feather and wedged it and popped it off within a half hour.  The first Stone cutting assistant was putting a finer finish on the pyramidal piece. It’s looking nice with a low polish and the green flecks on the stone showing through. 

I was told that we must finish our stonework by the third of September and that the stone assistants are with us till we finish.  I almost got set up to torch part one of the stones but we had to leave for lunch.

In the afternoon we took a tour of a Chinese FAW/Volkswagen auto plant.  The Jetta is a very popular car in China.  Next we went to the to the office of a FAW (First Auto Works) Vice Chairman’s office to view a video on a new city development for automobile manufacturing. The development includes numerous manufacturing companies, their part distributors, a themed park of sculptural automobile forms and a major network of railway and roadways that connect the city size complex.  It was quite the car culture dream concept for manufacturing, distribution, park and museums.  It was a third of the way under development.  We were invited to submit our business cards if we were interested in being involved in the project in later years.  After the tour it was off to a big dinner with lots of toasts.

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