Entry 29

This morning I worked on the “Visionary” model mold.  I cleaned it up, removed some of the uneven areas and filled in all of the air pockets with clay.  The mold makers will be doing the fiberglass for the model soon.  One will go to the park museum to be cast in bronze.  The other will be for me to take home if they have time to make it.

I took the light rail back to the park about 1 p.m. and looked at the stones for a while.  Finally I got the cutting torch and tried working on the gray/green granite.  It was nothing but frustrating to try and pop the stone in a way that I liked.  I scrapped the idea, gave the torch to Marko and decided to cut that section of the stone away.  Now the pyramidal form will be simpler in shape, not have a ridge on it and be like my original design for the stone.  

One of the photographer/film artists gave me a six-foot hand written scroll just as I was getting ready to leave.  I was honored to have such a wonderful gift.

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