Fringe Festival: March 12 – 14

UALR Theatre Arts and Dance Presents Annual “Fringe Festival,” Mar. 12 to 14

UALR Department of Theatre Arts and Dance will present their annual “Fringe Festival,” at 8 p.m., March 12 to 14 in the Haislip Theatre in the UALR Center for the Performing Arts. Performances are written, produced, choreographed, or directed by students or alumni of the program.

Tickets to the festival are $7 for the general public and $5 for students. Call (501) 569-3456.

“Fringe Festival” 2013 Line-Up

• “On the Other Side” – “On the Other Side” is an original one-act play by student Christine Woodell and directed by graduate Erin Anson. The play is a story about a young man, Jake, who finds out shortly before a battle that his father has committed suicide. The story is also about grief and lack of closure.

• “Old Dust: a blues” – “Old Dust: a blues” are original monologues based on three African American Southern characters (Addie, Gator Mouth, and Miss Lonna). The play is written and performed by Marquis Bullock.

• “Framing Rosie” – “Framing Rosie” is an original play about a man named Derrick who works at the Reid Park Zoo and loves the primates, in particular an orangutan named Rosie. His fiancée, Melissa, works at the zoo as well and has a similar passion for the meerkats. When, in a fit of rage, Derrick kills a wealthy funder of the zoo for endangering Rosie, he is faced with the conflict of letting Rosie “the only innocent one here,” be blamed for the murder or turning himself in and jeopardizing the well-being of the entire zoo as well as his relationship with Melissa. The play is written by student Holly Paoli and directed by Rodney Holston.

• “Last Chance Harvey” – “Last Chance Harvey” is an original unpublished, ten-minute play by Hannah Loomis and directed by Kazzie Cazort. Harvey lives a bland and fruitless life with Violet. Dissatisfied, his mind forms another realm of reality; a realm in which Violet is the more perfected version of herself, and where his marriage is carefree and full of passion. Living two separate lives, Harvey is forced to make a choice: to continue to dwell in his mediocre existence with Violet or to escape into the life he wishes it was.

• “Left Memories” – A choreopoem by Darian LyJoi Mull, “Left Memories” is a compilation of Mull’s own poetry centered around the experiences of a woman and the significant points of growth in her life — from birth, to wishing stars, being a ‘princess’, falling in love, and giving birth.

• “Nine” by Jane Shepard – In “Nine” by Jane Shepard, two women are held in a life-threatening situation and begin mind games to keep themselves alive. Locked in a cell and chained apart, their only currency is words. The balance of power is everything when a single word becomes the hanging point between life and death.” “Nine” is directed by Carrie Henry

• “Atomic Age” – “Atomic Age” is an expressive dance on how we view the consequences of the rapid advancement of technology, loss of the human connection, and how the countdown has begun towards mankind’s inevitable nuclear suicide. This piece is a collaborative process between two choreographers, Timothy Medel and Olivia Perry.

• “A Dream in a Dream” – Directed by Samantha Key and choreographed by Olivia Perry, “Dream in a Dream” is a contemporary dance piece that blends Japanese orchestral music with dubstep, modern dance with classical ballet, as well as theatrical storytelling elements.

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