graduation picture



  • Apply for graduation on BOSS for the term in which you will complete ALL requirements. (You may walk in the graduation ceremony one semester before you will complete requirements if you are within 7 hours of completing your coursework. I.E. You may walk in the Spring ceremony and finish your requirements in summer. In this scenario, you ONLY need to apply for Summer graduation)
  • Be advised and meet with your major and minor department(s) and make sure that all requirements are met and all adjustments/substitutions have been completed. (If needed)

Note: the graduation application process begins at the department level and goes to the college Dean’s Office once approved by the department, then once approved by the college, it goes to Records for final approval. Records begins reviewing graduation applications after grades are posted for the semester. Degrees are typically granted 6-8 weeks after grades are posted.

Questions? Need more information? Contact our Assistant Dean of Student Services, Keesha Johnson Raino, at 501.569.3350 or