Book/Food Voucher Programs Are Live

Voucher Eligibility
  • Students are not eligible for a voucher if the amount of anticipated financial aid for the term is less than the balance due UALR.
  • Voucher eligibility is calculated each semester.
  • Eligibility cannot be calculated until the student has registered for the term. Changes to registration can affect your voucher eligibility.
  • Voucher eligibility for students who live on campus cannot be calculated correctly until housing and meal plan charges have been posted for the term.
  • All students living on campus are required to purchase a meal plan.  On campus students do not need a food voucher.
  • Students are not eligible for a voucher once a direct deposit or refund check has been created for the term and there is no remaining unpaid financial aid for the semester.
  • Students can view their voucher eligibility in BOSS and are encouraged to do so to confirm their book voucher amount before coming to campus to purchase books.
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