Types of Financial Aid

Funding for an education at UA Little Rock is available from federal, state, university, and private resources. To receive federal, state and many university-sponsored sources of funding, a student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Other sources, local, private, and institutional, are awarded on the basis of other criteria, particularly academic achievement.
There are several types of financial aid. Usually, a student is offered a combination of aid (known as a “package”) from these programs:


Scholarships (“gift money”) are awarded based on academic achievement (merit-based scholarships) or a combination of academic achievement and financial need.


Grants (“gift money”) from federal, state, and university funds are awarded based on financial need.


A loan is money one can borrow from federal loan programs and outside lenders.

Federal Work-Study

One can earn money through Federal Work-Study by working on campus and earning the award at an hourly rate of at least the federal minimum wage as work is completed.

Veterans Benefits

Veterans benefits are received by armed forces members, veterans, or dependents to assist with educational expenses.