UA Little Rock provides numerous scholarships and financial awards to new entering and continuing undergraduate students.

Scholarships for New UA Little Rock Students

We offer a variety of scholarships for students who have never attended UA Little Rock before. These scholarships for new students are based on academic merit, leadership, talent and extracurricular involvement. We will look at all of these criteria when we consider you for our new student scholarships.

Scholarships for All Students

Many current students are unaware of the general private scholarships available through private funds, supported by our generous university donors and supporters. Many are available for part-time and non-traditional students.

If you have declared a major, it’s always good to check with your major department for any other opportunities which they administer, or of which they may be aware. Check out scholarships that are specific to your major.

Arkansas Department of Higher Education

Here in the state, the Arkansas Department of Higher Education offers the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship as well as several more aid programs. Go to in order to apply.

External Scholarships

If you broaden your search, you will find several local, state, and national scholarships.