Enrollment Requirements for Financial Aid

Financial aid is awarded with the assumption that the student is regularly admitted and will enroll full-time (12 or more hours undergraduate; 9 or more hours graduate or professional) at UA Little Rock. Financial aid funds are disbursed to the student each semester based on the final number of hours enrolled as of the financial aid registration deadline. Hours taken for Audit, College Level Examinations Programs (CLEP), Department Credit, Proficiency Examination Program, or Advanced Placement are not counted when determining enrollment for financial aid purposes.

Part-time students are eligible for some types of aid. The dollar amount awarded and paid to the students will depend upon the number of hours enrolled. Most Title IV financial aid programs require a minimum of half-time enrollment. Some programs require full-time enrollment.

Remember: You must be fully admitted and enrolled at least half-time to receive federal loan funds. Minimum enrollment requirements are:

  • Undergraduate – 6 hours
  • Graduate – 5 hours
  • Law – 5 hours

NOTE: Dropping below half-time status after receiving loan funds may cancel eligibility for future loan disbursements. Students who are enrolled in coursework at a different level (for example, graduate students enrolled in undergraduate coursework), must document that the coursework is a requirement for their intended program of study. If the classes are not a requirement for the program, the classes will not be counted for financial aid eligibility.