How to Accept Financial Aid

You may view your financial aid awards using UA Little Rock’s BOSS system. Several financial aid programs require you to officially accept the offer of assistance before the award can be finalized. UA Little Rock has simplified this process by allowing you to accept awards online. Please read this information carefully and follow the instructions for viewing and accepting your financial aid awards. Note that only some types of financial aid awards require online acceptance. For example, Pell Grants and SEOG (Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant) awards do not require an official acceptance.

Accepting Financial Aid

  1. Login to BOSS
  2. Select Financial Aid
  3. Select Financial Aid Checklist
  4. Select current Academic Year from the Select Aid Year drop-down option and click the Submit button
  5. You must accept the terms of your financial aid awards before you can accept your award amounts
    Click on the Terms and Conditions tab
    Access the link to the Terms and Conditions page, which opens in a new window
    Review all  Terms and Conditions
    Return to the Terms and Conditions window and click on the Accept button
  6. Click on the Accept Award Offer tab
    Be sure to click on the name of each award to see any award messages
    Follow the instructions for accepting, declining, and/or revising award amounts
    Awards with a status of “offered” must be accepted to complete the award
    Awards with a status of “approved” or “accepted” have already been accepted.
    Scholarship awards with a status of “eligible” require additional action on your part. Login to your Scholarship Universe account for more information: Once your award is accepted or declined, you must contact the Financial Aid office if you change your mind.
  7. Note any unsatisfied financial aid requirements at the bottom of the page
  8. To print a copy of your award information, click Print at the top left of the Accept Award Offer page