Ambulance zooming down the roadMAJOR ACCIDENTS OR ILLNESSES:  Stay calm and CALL 911!

  • Know the location of the emergency and the number you are calling from.
  • Let the 911 dispatcher guide the call. You may be asked questions such as: is the individual conscious and what happened.
  • Do not hang up until directed to do so by the 911 dispatcher.
  • Call UALR’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) at 569-3400.


  • If someone becomes ill or injured during business hours, accompany them to Health Services.
  • If the individual is unable to walk, send someone to Health Services to pick up a wheelchair.
  • For minor cuts or burns, have the person wash his or her wounds with soap and cool water.
  • Cover open wounds with a Band-Aid, or direct the individual to Health Services for care.


  • Don’t panic – seizures are usually short and not life threatening.
  • Protect the individual by removing chairs or desks; don’t let a crowd form. Lay the person on their left side and pad the head with a backpack or coat.
  • If the individual does not IMMEDIATELY regain consciousness, CALL 911 and DPS.
  • If the individual is having trouble breathing or is vomiting, open the airway by pushing the lower jaw up and out or tilting the head back (don’t try to force anything into the mouth).If the individual does not start breathing, CALL 911 and DPS.
  • Ask someone to stand outside to direct emergency personnel to the scene until DPS arrives.
  • Following a seizure, the individual may be sleepy or confused. Do not let them leave the location alone. Accompany them to Health Services or assist with calling a family member or friend.

WORK RELATED ACCIDENTS: A supervisor and the Company Nurse Injury Hotline (1-855-339-1893) should be contacted immediately. The Company Nurse Injury Hotline will provide the initial triage evaluation and make recommendations for care. All non-emergency workplace injuries should be directed to UALR Health Services. Employees seeking emergency care should be directed to St. Vincent Infirmary. The supervisor and employee must return signed copies of the worker’s compensation claim forms to the Department of Human Resources within 48 hours of the injury or accident.