Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

The editors of the UALR Law Review invite the submission of unsolicited articles and essays of substantial legal merit. Articles and essays should be submitted to the Articles Editor. Unsolicited manuscripts cannot be returned except upon receipt of postage and handling fees of $3.85.

The decision to publish a manuscript is keyed to many considerations, including the significance and timeliness of the topic and quality of the writing. In addition, efforts are made to keep the Review articles diverse. No manuscript will be accepted for publication before a first draft has been reviewed.  We do not accept submissions from students or J.D. candidates.

The UALR Law Review requests that all articles and essays be submitted in triple-spaced format (both text and footnotes). The UALR Law Review prefers that the articles be submitted in Microsoft Word format, but will accept articles and essays in WordPerfect. Additionally, for stylistic conventions and citation forms, the UALR Law Review adheres to A Uniform System of Citation (20th ed. 2015) (popularly known as the “Harvard Blue Book”) and the Chicago Manuals of Style on Usage and Style (16th ed. 2010).

Submit an electronic copy of your unsolicited article

For more information, please contact the Articles Editor at the UALR Law Review.