Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is a group of upper-level student editors that manages all aspects of the Law Review. Dean Lindsey Gustafson oversees the Board’s work.

Each year, the Board is responsible for publishing four issues of the UA at Little Rock Law Review (“The Review”). This includes reviewing article submissions; editing articles, comments, surveys, and notes; working with authors; as well as issuing cite checks to apprentices and completing cite checks.

The Editorial Board is also responsible for coordinating and hosting the annual symposium. During this nationally recognized symposium, authors of the symposium issue of The Review come to Little Rock to present their work to the local legal community.

If you have suggestions, comments, or questions, please email us. The 2022-2023 editors are:

To email an Editor, please click on the Editor’s name. For a description of each Editor’s responsibilities, please click on the corresponding Editor’s title.