Articles Editors

Articles Editors solicit and edit articles, essays, and book reviews. This responsibility includes initiating and maintaining correspondence with potential authors and enforcing deadlines for submissions of material.

Articles Editors receive submissions from email and our Scholastica account. Once they receive an article, they must read through it and decide if it is something the Law Review would like to publish.

Once they have decided that they would like to publish an article, the Articles Editors send an offer to the author. If the author accepts, then the Articles Editors will read the article several times, make edits, and send the article to Apprentices and Members for a cite check. They monitor the progress of the cite check and answer any questions that people have about it.

There are many moving pieces to this job, and Articles Editors have to be good at managing their time and making sure others—like authors, Apprentices, and Members—meet deadlines.