Blackboard Messages

Similar to Blackboard Email, Messages are internal to Blackboard. The messages tool allows you to easily manage Blackboard communications within your individual Blackboard courses.

Topic What’s Covered
Accessing Blackboard Messages Learn more about accessing Blackboard Messages from within your courses
Your Message Center All Blackboard Messages are sent from and collected inside this area
Composing and Sending a Message Instructions on composing and sending correspondences using Blackboard Messages
Best Practices Using Messages Tips for communicating using Blackboard Messages

Accessing Blackboard Messages

You can only access the Blackboard Messages tool from within a course. Messages are internal to Blackboard and, at this time, any communications sent through the Messages system cannot be forwarded outside of the Blackboard system. To access the Messages tool and send a message, click the link on the course menu.

Important Note:

Course Menu Customization
Your instructor has the option to remain this tool in the course menu. So while the course menu link may be called something different, the Messages page will be clearly labeled with the name of the tool. This is how you will be able to tell if your instructor is using Blackboard Email or Blackboard Messages.

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Your Message Center

This is the Message Center, where all of your Blackboard Messages will be collected. Messages are course-specific, which means that if you send a Message in one course, that Message cannot be viewed within the Messages area of a different course.

Inside the Message Center
Create Message This is where you will go to compose and send your Blackboard Messages.
Create Folder Allows you to add personal folders to organize your Messages.
Inbox Click the Inbox link to check incoming messages
Sent Click the Sent link to check outgoing messages.

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Composing and Sending a Message

Once you’ve clicked Create Message, the next steps are to choose the recipients, write the message and then send it. Once you send a Message, a copy of the message will be placed in your sent folder. Use the arrows to move recipients on (right arrow) and off (left arrow) the To list. Click Invert Selection and the selected users are no longer highlighted and those users that were not selected will be highlighted. Use the Cc (Carbon copy) and the Bcc (Blind carbon copy) buttons to select recipients the same way.

Once on the Compose Message page:

  1. Click the To button to access the course participant list.
  2. Select the recipients and then click the arrow to add them to the message.
  3. Add a subject to your message.
  4. Type your message.
  5. Click Attach a File to browse for files from your computer. In Messages, you can only attach one file per message. In order to send multiple files, you will either have to send multiple messages or send them in a .zip format.
  6. Click submit to send your message.

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Best Practices Using Messages

Communicating with Messages is efficient and effective. Please be mindful of the following best practices when using this tool.

  • Provide a greeting
  • Keep your message clear and concise
  • Use complete sentences
  • Check your spelling and grammar
  • Quote others when appropriate
  • Include a descriptive subject line
  • Only use capital letters as necessary as ALL CAPS can be seen as raising one’s voice online
  • Sign your name!

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