Mock Interviews / Committee Letters

The Mock Interview / Committee Letter application is now open. Click here to apply for a committee letter.

The timeline for committee letters is as follows (exact dates TBA):

  • May: Application for a committee letter goes live
  • August 21st at 5pm: Application for a committee letter closes
  • Early to mid-September: Mock interviews are held with qualified candidates
  • Mid-October: Committee letters are ready & uploaded

Please read the minimum requirements below before applying. These requirements are non-negotiable.

Mock interviews are required before we can issue a committee letter. The following are the minimum requirements to be eligible for a mock interview and committee letter:

  1. You have received your MCAT scores or will receive scores before August 21st (a score of 500+ is required to get a committee letter)
  2. You have completed all or most* of your prerequisites (*6-9 credit hours remaining)
  3. You have a cumulative GPA at UA Little Rock of 3.5 and above
  4. Must get this evaluation form completed by 3 faculty.

You must meet these minimum requirements to receive a mock interview and committee letter.

Additional requirements generally are a prerequisite checklist, CV, volunteer work, clinic hours, research experiences, personal statement, and 3-4 professional letters of recommendation from your instructor or supervisor.