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Welcome from the Dean:

As a metropolitan, community-engaged campus, and a diverse, talented, and skilled student base, the Donaghey College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is ready to work with all employers to assist and match students in appropriate positions. We hope this page provides clarity as to how to best engage our student in employment opportunities.

History of Our College

UA Little Rock is a metropolitan research university that provides accessibility to a quality education through flexible learning and unparalleled internship opportunities. At UA Little Rock, we prepare our more than 11,800 students to be innovators and responsible leaders in their fields. The university’s location in the state’s center of government and business makes it a catalyst for teaching, learning, and research in the service of our local and global community.

Our programs at the Donaghey College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (CSTEM) are built around forward-thinking precepts, meaning our graduates are prepared to immediately succeed in construction-, engineering- and technology-focused careers – whether working for themselves or at a leading company – as well as in graduate programs at top universities.

CSTEM is also home to eight cutting-edge graduate programs including doctoral degrees, masters of science degrees and graduate certificates – all focused on strategic areas of commerce and research directly relevant to 21st Century success. There are almost 1,200 students enrolled in CSTEM programs.

We’ve now begun our ninth academic year in our six-story, 115,000-square-foot CSTEM Building, which was designed and built to promote students’ success in learning and research. And our home in the middle of Little Rock – Arkansas’s capital city – also provides employment and cultural opportunities found nowhere else in the state.

In 18 years, CSTEM has become a true center of academic excellence, recognized by U.S. News and World Report as having one of the top undergraduate engineering programs at a public university in the South.

CSTEM Undergraduate Majors

Mechanical Systems Engineering, BS

Mechanical Systems Engineering is a unique, interdisciplinary program that combines the strengths of traditional mechanical engineering with a core of systems engineering concepts. This combination allows students to look at mechanical engineering design from a systems perspective. Design trade-offs are informed by overall system performance as mechanical systems engineers focus on the interfaces between components.

**Note: This is a new degree program that is equivalent to Systems: Mechanical.

Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, BS

Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering provides broad-based engineering education with necessary depth in the design and analysis of electrical and computer systems with a core of systems engineering concepts. Students will learn the design and analysis of various electrical systems including complex networks, digital and analog circuits, and control and power systems. Students will also focus on the integration of hardware, software, and operating systems with the goal of analyzing and optimizing computer systems, networked systems, automated robotic systems, and integrated manufacturing systems.

**Note: This is a new degree program that is equivalent to Systems: Electrical and/or Systems: Computer.

Computer Science, BS

The department offers courses covering a wide range of topics in Computer Science, including programming and programming languages, data structures and algorithms, assembly language, computer architecture, networking, operating systems, compilers, software engineering, file structures, database systems, graphics, artificial intelligence, and theory of computation. The department seeks to prepare students both for careers in the computing industry and for advanced study in Computer Science.

Information Science, BS

The Information Science Program at UA Little Rock is designed to produce graduates who can apply analytical, problem-solving and computer skills to the analysis and design of information systems and apply the perspective of the user and organizational aspects to information systems and technology. Graduates are skilled in the management of information and understand how technology and information converge to serve the interests of individuals and society Graduates are effective in a variety of roles in the IT field such as team members and leaders. Graduates are proficient in written and oral communication and are able to apply professional ethical standards in their work and to understand their importance. Graduates are ready for life-long learning to maintain their technological currency.

Construction Management, BS

The construction management program is an interdisciplinary baccalaureate degree program that builds upon construction methods, engineering techniques, and business courses offered in the Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology and the College of Business. The integrated curriculum provides a foundation for the capstone courses offered in the senior year and the required passage of the associate level of the Certified Professional Constructor exam.

Civil & Construction Engineering, BS

Civil engineers design infrastructure and public works that support transportation, commerce, and public health. Construction engineers design and manage the processes that allow projects to be built. Through required and elective courses, UA Little Rock’s program exposes students to all of the major areas of civil engineering, including materials engineering, geotechnical engineering, geomatics engineering, structural engineering, water resources engineering, environmental engineering, transportation engineering, and construction engineering and management.

Architectural & Construction Engineering, BS

Architectural engineering and construction engineering are specializations within the broader discipline of civil engineering. Architectural engineers design buildings intended for human occupancy or habitation, e.g., office buildings, apartment buildings, condominiums, schools, hospitals, arenas, stadiums, etc. Construction engineers design and manage construction processes. UA Little Rock’s program focuses on: building mechanical systems, building electrical systems, building structural systems, and construction engineering and management.

Engineering Technology, BS

The engineering technology discipline emphasizes hands-on learning and practical aspects of engineering. It stresses the understanding and application of established engineering principles to design, fabricate, and test electronic and mechanical components and systems. Engineering technology is a creative blend of the physical sciences, engineering knowledge, methods, and technical skills that support engineering activities. Engineering technology courses emphasize the application of engineering principles to analyze and solve industry type problems. Engineering Technology is offered in two disciplines: mechanical and electronics and computer.

Geology, BS

The geology programs at UA Little Rock are designed to provide students with knowledge of the various Earth systems and to help them develop their scientific skills. Our students learn to conduct and interpret scientific research and to successfully communicate scientific information. The major includes a rigorous, balanced core of courses and a diverse array of elective coursework, both of which include active lab and field experiences.

Environmental Engineering, BS

Environmental engineers design infrastructure, public works, and processes that protect the environment and public health. Through required and elective courses, UA Little Rock’s program exposes students to all of the major areas of environmental engineering, including water resources, air resources, and land resources. Environmental engineers analyze and control how substances travel through air, water, and soil, they study the chemical reactions that take place during transport, and they determine the ultimate fate of those substances in order to solve societal problems involving the environment and public health.

Web Design and Development, BA

Responsive websites and mobile apps are efforts that are being undertaken by many industries and disciplines today, from healthcare to retail to virtually any industry which has a need to communicate with its stakeholders. This is an interdisciplinary program designed collaboratively by faculty from the Department Art (CALS), Rhetoric and Writing (SSC), Mass Communication (SSC), Information Science (EIT) and the Information Technology Program; opportunities extend to recent graduates in web design and development to enhance the web user’s experience.

Biology, BS

The Department of Biology is the largest in the Donaghey College of STEM. Core courses provide our students with a foundation that enables students to pursue opportunities in various areas, including but not limited to healthcare, biotechnology, forensic science, environmental management and conservation, science museums, zoos, aquariums, parks, nature centers as well as all educational settings which include primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities.

Chemistry, BA and BS

The Department of Chemistry offers a full set of courses designed to prepare students for graduate study, medical school, secondary education, or industry. The B.A. in chemistry is offered for premedical and pre dental students, secondary teachers, and others. The B.S. degree is certified by the American Chemical Society (ACS). Students earning this degree will be certified to the ACS for full membership on graduation.

Mathematics, BS

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers quality education in mathematics and statistics at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The primary goal of our programs is to give students the mathematical and statistical knowledge and understanding necessary to pursue graduate studies or for successful careers in industry, business, government, or education. By studying mathematics and/or statistics, you develop and strengthen superior analytical skills and problem-solving abilities that are valued by all employers. In addition to a BS in mathematics, we offer a graduate certificate in statistics.

Physics, BA and BS

Physics is the study of the mechanical universe and is the basic science that underlies all the natural sciences. The Bachelor of Science prepares students for admission to graduate work in physics or astronomy, while the Bachelor of Arts is designed for students who plan to specialize in graduate school without sacrificing the benefits of a liberal arts undergraduate education. The BA is also suitable for premedical students and those who do not plan professional careers in physics.

STEM Career Services

A variety of services are available to assist students in securing an internship or full-time position upon graduation.

We are excited to announce that Handshake, the ultimate career network for students is now at UA Little Rock. Handshake will become your one-stop-shop for launching your career.

With Handshake, your job search will be powered by the Career Center’s advanced online tools such as:

  • Personalized job recommendations based on your major and interest
  • Managing your on-campus interviews with top companies
  • Scheduling appointments with the Career Center advisors

Handshake for Students (Tutorials) | Handshake for Employers (Instructions)