Careers in Economics

What You Could Gain

Economics is a structured way of thinking that builds models to explain why people behave the way they do. The focus of economics is extremely varied, ranging from issues that affect the whole economy to issues such as human welfare and equality. Economics prepares students for positions requiring a broad, general knowledge of the business environment, mak-ing economics majors more likely to occupy upper-level management positions. Economics majors are trained to recognize human behavior in relation to work, production, distribution and consumption, the fundamental operations of most business. Economics teaches skills and problem-solving techniques that employers value.

What You Could Do

Training in economics is the best preparation for further study, especially in law, economics, public administration, journalism, foreign affairs, and labor relations. Economics majors work in all facets of the business world, including manufacturing, banking, insurance, and retailing. There is a grow-ing need for people with economics training in sports, recreation, entertainment and technology.

Career Resources

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