Finance and Economics Association

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Finance and Economics Association is to create an open environment for undergraduate and graduate students to engage in professional and academic growth.  This mission is supported through the following objectives:

  • Provide professional and academic development opportunities for students, faculty, and community members through the exchange of ideas and academic works in Finance and Economics.
  • Foster social interaction and collaboration among students, alumni, faculty, community members, and business professionals.
  • Promote the understanding of Finance and Economics among all students at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Goals of the FEA:
Upon graduation, you’ll have a greater understanding of the opportunities available to you with your chosen degree in Finance and/or Economics, as well as have made connections to help get started. Our goal is to help students connect with other people in their field of study that they may not have had the opportunity to meet and network.

FEA Activities:

  • Field trips to financial institutions like a tour of the Little Rock branch of the Federal Reserve
  • Speakers from companies, such as Stephens, Windstream, and independent consulting firms who interact with Financial Markets and the Economy on a regular basis.
  • Learning about Bloomberg terminals and how to boost your resume in the job market by getting certified using the UA Little Rock’s School of Business resources.
  • Social gatherings off campus to network and connect with alumni and other current students.

FEA Leadership and Faculty Sponsors: