Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics

The School of Business offers a Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics. Courses in economics will develop your logical thinking skills, understanding of applied statistical analysis, and communication abilities. You will be prepared for careers in industry, finance, or government, or for graduate study in law, business, economics, and public policy.

Many economics majors decide to double major in finance or in a non-business major such as philosophy, history, political science, or mathematics.

Students taking ECON 3355 Quantitative Business Analysis must take a qualification exam, regardless of completion of past statistics courses at UA Little Rock or at other institutions. Read more about this prerequisite test.

In addition to the bachelor’s degree, we also offer a minor in economics.

Path to Law School

Many students choose to major in economics and then attend law school. On average, economics majors and philosophy majors do better than any other popular majors on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Read more about the Mean LSAT and UGPA by College Major.

Rank Major Average LSAT score
1 Economics 157.4
1 Philosophy 157.4
3 Engineering 156.2
4 History 155.9
5 English 154.7
6 Finance 153.4
7 Political Science 153.0
Total (all categories) 152.8

View the Economics degree checklist.

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