UA Little Rock Online Explained

Main Campus

Students have the option to take courses in the following manner:

• Face-to-face
• Online
• Hybrid (face-to-face and online)

Main Campus students pay regular tuition and fees and have full access to both academic and non-academic resources on campus. They may enroll in any course section except online sections starting with “9U.”

UA Little Rock Online/eLearning Campus

Students have the option to take courses in the following manner:

• Online only

UA Little Rock Online/eLearning Campus students are declared in one of the approved fully online programs that make up UA Little Rock Online. They pay reduced standard rate tuition and have full access to academic resources only (such as the Ottenheimer Library, Blackboard Support, Writing Center, etc.) They cannot be required to come to the UA Little Rock campus, but they may visit if they wish to take advantage of academic services and office hours in person. They must enroll in online course sections starting with “9U.”

Students must abide by degree plan requirements. Only the academic coordinator/advisor of the online program is authorized to switch a student from one campus to the other. Students can only change campuses once in a calendar year.

Visit UA Little Rock Online or call 501.569.3003 to learn more about available programs and courses.

Frequently Asked Questions About UA Little Rock Online

Confirming My Online Status

Is is safe for me to assume that if I take all my classes online, that I am already part of UA Little Rock Online?

No. In order to be a part of UA Little Rock Online, a student must request to be moved to UA Little Rock Online. This moves the student from the “Main Campus,” which does have online programs that are not part of UA Little Rock Online, to the “UA Little Rock Online/eLearning Campus” which qualifies the student for the reduced tuition rate. Only an academic program coordinator/advisor has authority to switch the student.

Can I change my campus designation?

Can students changes their campus themselves?

Only the program coordinator, advisor, or authorized personnel within the academic department may request a campus change with Records and Registration and declare the student’s degree program in BOSS. The policy of the Office of eLearning is that a student may only switch between the UA Little Rock main and online campuses once within a calendar year.

How do I qualify for UA Little Rock Online?

Do I qualify for UA Little Rock Online if I only take a few classes online?

No. Students participating in UA Little Rock Online take all their coursework online and have no requirement to visit the physical campus for any reason. They can still visit the physical campus if they would like to meet with professors or advisors; use academic services, such as the Ottenheimer Library; or coordinate group study sessions and projects with classmates.

How do I qualify to register for 9U sections?

How will students know to register for 9U sections on the class schedule if their coordinator/advisor has not spoken to them?

Students may exclusively register for 9U_ sections after they’ve been identified on the online campus and declared in a UA Little Rock Online program. Both of these processes must be performed through the program advisor, so there shouldn’t be a situation where the advisor hasn’t communicated with the student prior to their initial registration within the online program.

What programs are available through UA Little Rock Online?

What undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs are available through UA Little Rock Online?

Fully-online programs are constantly in development, so new programs are being added every year.

Review frequently-asked questions about being a successful fully-online student.