Online Campus Advisory Board


The mission of the UA Little Rock Online Campus Advisory Board (OCAB) is to prepare Online Campus students for success, ensure positive learning experiences, and improve recruiting and retention by sharing knowledge and information, refining programs and processes, and promoting innovation and engagement. To this end, the Board specifically works to:

  1. Identify and resolve any issues online programs encounter;
  2. Develop strategies and initiatives to strengthen faculty, staff, and student support and retention;
  3. Produce innovative ideas for online programs that promote engagement and community;
  4. Ensure implementation of approved policies and procedures for appropriate tasks; and
  5. Provide informed recommendations to Board leadership for improving the fully-online learning experience.


The Online Campus Advisory Board includes rotating members from each academic college and standing representatives from the Offices of eLearning and STaR. Academic college members are nominated by Online Campus stakeholders within their respective college.

College of Business, Health, and Human Services

Bruce Bauer

Department of Information Science




Catherine Crisp, Ph.D.

School of Social Work




Mark Funk, Ph.D.

School of Business




Amar Kanekar, Ph.D.

School of Counseling, Human Performance, and Rehabilitation




Richard Lewis, Ph.D.

School of Criminal Justice and Criminology





Robert Lytle, Ph.D.

School of Criminal Justice and Criminology




Crystal Rose, Ph.D.

School of Nursing




College of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, and Education

Edma Delgado Solórzano, Ph.D.

Department of World Languages




Rebecca Glazier, Ph.D.

School of Public Affairs




Karen Palmer

CHASSE Student Success Center




Daryl Tate, Ed.D.

School of Education


Donaghey College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Melissa Hardeman

Department of Mathematics and Statistics