The Department of Information Science seeks to expand human and technical capabilities through information in a world where information is of central importance to personal, organizational, social, political, technical, and economic progress. Information Science makes sense of the data that people gather through information technology. The programs that reside in the Department of Information Science focus on the transformation of data to information and knowledge, to intelligence and application, and on the technologies and systems that store and access the data in ways that impart its meaning.

In concert with UALR’s mission to serve and strengthen society by enhancing awareness in scientific, technical, and cultural arenas, and the Donaghey College’s mission to educate the next generation of professionals in the skills and knowledge base necessary to create and manage technology-based enterprises, the Department of Information Science is committed to the following:

  • Educate students in the knowledge, skills, and technologies needed to design and develop systems for better storage, retrieval and usage of information.
  • Offer degree and certification programs that prepare students to pursue successful careers and to continue lifelong learning in the field of Information Science.
  • Advance the field of Information Science through research and innovative applications of information technologies.