The Department of Information Science enjoys a lively and challenging research environment. Department faculty have conducted funded research for the National Science Foundation, the International Social Science Council, Rome Laboratory, the Volkswagen Foundation, as well as for organizations such as Acxiom, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Heifer International, IBM, ALCATEL, Philips Research, Siemens AG, Rockwell International, AT&T, and U-HAUL International. Their research has appeared in leading national and international journals. Several faculty have won recognitions and awards for their research and service.

Faculty Research Interests

Faculty Name Position Research Interests
Nitin Agarwal
Maulden-Entergy Chair Professor Social computing, knowledge extraction in social media and Web 2.0 websites, behavioral modeling, deviant behaviors, collective action, social cyber security, data mining, semantic web mining, health informatics, and privacy.
Bruce Bauer
Senior Instructor E-Commerce, ethics/information assurance, client server applications, and web server applications.
Daniel Berleant
Professor Bioinformatics (biological text mining and biotech futures), Probability (interval-valued probabilities and applications including financial analysis and decision-making under severe uncertainty), Technology foresight (including but not limited to the information sciences and biotechnology).
Serhan Dagtas
Professor Multimedia analysis, databases, image processing, computer graphics, and Internet technologies.
Ahmed Abu-Halimeh>
Associate Professor Information/Data Quality, Data/Information Data Integration, Data Analytics, Human-Computer Applications/Interaction, Clinical Informatics, and Health Informatics.
Elizabeth Pierce
Associate Professor Information Quality, Data Governance, Data Mining, Simulation and Quantitative Analysis.
John Talburt
Professor Entity Resolution, Data Quality Management, Data Governance, Data Integration, and Architectures for Data Sharing.
M. Eduard Tudoreanu
Professor Information visualization, human-computer interaction, distributed systems, and virtual reality.
Richard Y. Wang
Professor Enterprise Data Quality, Data Warehousing, and Data Governance Projects, and the Role of the Chief Data Officer.
Thomas Wallace
Senior Instructor and College Webmaster Standards-based web development, Responsive Web Design, Web Accessibility and Usability.
Phil Williams
MidSouth Bioinformatics Center Technical Director Bioinformatics, High performance computing (HPC), HPC in Google Cloud, Linux/bash scripting for Bioinformatics, Biology-interaction between non-coding RNAs, machine learning on biological data sets.
Ningning Wu
Professor Data mining, secure data mining, network intrusion detection, and information systems security.
Xiaowei Xu
Professor Machine Learning, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data
Science, and Deep Learning.
Mary Yang
Professor Systems Genomics, Bioinformatics and Experimental Technologies, Multivariate Statistics, Statistical Learning, Visual Programming, Algorithms, Data Mining, Machine Intelligence, and Molecular Biophysics.