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Our program has a long-standing commitment to the social workers and citizens in Arkansas. In addition to being the longest running program in Arkansas, the School of Social work graduates more social work students than any other Arkansas program and is one of the fastest growing programs on the UA Little Rock campus.


Are You Looking To Get Your First Degree?

Are you a recent high school graduate or coming back to school to complete a degree for the first time? Then one of these areas may be right for you.

Are You Looking To Earn A Graduate-Level Degree Or Additional Certification?

Do you already have a bachelor’s degree in social work or another area, but you’re looking to earn a master’s level degree or additional certification to advance your career? Then check out one of the graduate level cetificates offered below.

Gain Real-World Experience Through Field Practice

Some of the most important learning you will experience happens outside of the classroom. Field practice allows our students to gain valuable hands-on training with people of need while using their progressive skills in social work. It is a chance for students to learn and make mistakes in a supportive environment where they can apply their expertise and intellectual perspective with new clients. Below you will find more information about the School of Social Work’s field practice including manuals, forms, and announcements. For more information, select your role below.


At the heart of the School of Social Work is a diverse community of students. We like to take time to honor those individuals by highlighting their outstanding character, exceptional achievements, intellectual pursuits, and talented leadership across our programs. The School of Social Work is pleased to showcase some of these extraordinary students by sharing their unique stories on our homepage.

Student Spotlight

Photo of Roger Powell

Roger Powell

Bachelor of Social Work Student

I admire the proficiency level of our faculty and staff. I believe students have the best in the field working on their behalf. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, conducive for learning and getting involved. Students have the opportunity to be involved on every level within our School. One thing in particular that I love about the School is that it stays abreast of laws and policies that overall effect the community at large and what’s taught in the classroom is also demonstrated in the field.

The School of School of Social Work incites community engagement by evoking the student body to be aware of the needs within our surrounding community. I have accomplished much more than I have ever imagined because of the continual encouragement and support from the social work student body and the administrative staff. The School of Social Work is a community and to me, that’s one of its greatest strengths. You’re empowered and given the social work mantle to go and change lives for the better.

UA Little Rock Student Social Work Organization

A group of smiling students in a park.

The School of Social Work has a vibrant, engaged student social work group. Members are drawn from the undergraduate (BSW) and graduate (MSW) programs. Meetings are held regularly during the day and in the late afternoon before evening classes begin.

The Student Social Work Organization’s mission is to represent, lead and unify the student body within the School of Social Work, to decide and act responsibly for the students’ interests and to work with the Faculty and Administration within the School of Social Work and of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in the pursuit of our mutual interests and more.

What Our Students Are Saying

I have gained so much knowledge and growth in the BSW program at UA-Little Rock, and I am looking forward to a very rewarding career in social work.

— Kevin Smith


The faculty in the School of Social Work understand your needs as a student and are dedicated to your success in the field and toward future career opportunities. Our nationally acclaimed faculty and staff bring their comprehensive skills and expertise to create an engaging and authentic classroom experience. We believe in creating more than just a student; we strive to create long-lasting friendships that will help encourage student success and growth long after you receive that diploma. The School of Social Work is built on the foundation of support, community, and teaching where our faculty and students can earnestly work together to thrive in their career field of choice.

Meet Our Coordinators

Photo of Katie Logan
Katie Logan

Admissions and Recruitment Coordinator/Instructor

Photo of May Atkins
May Atkins

BSW Program Coordinator

Photo of David Namir
David Namir

BSW Field Coordinator

Photo of Dr. Catherine Crisp
Catherine Crisp, Ph.D.

MSW Coordinator
Associate Professor

Photo of Elizabeth Fowler.
Elizabeth Fowler, LCSW

MSW Field Coordinator

Photo of Dr. Rosalie Otters
Rosalie Otters, Ph.D.

Gerontology Coordinator
Associate Professor

Faculty Spotlight

Photo of Dr. Catherine Crisp

Dr. Catherine Crisp

Associate Professor

Dr. Catherine Crisp started teaching at the UA Little Rock School of Social Work in the fall of 2008. Dr. Crisp is currently the Masters of Social Work Coordinator and her main area of focus revolves around diversity and inclusion. In order to further incorporate components of compassion into her classes, Dr. Crisp is pursuing training that will allow her to become the first Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) Trained Teacher in Arkansas and hopes to complete the process by May 2019.

Dr. Crisp’s passion for mindfulness began about seven years ago when she started meditating in 2010. In 2017, Dr. Crisp attended a MSC workshop that resulted in her finding her mindfulness niche. As a result, in the spring of 2019, Dr. Crisp will begin leading an eight-week training in MSC focused on mindfulness, self-kindness, and common humanity. During this training, the goal will be to aid participants in incorporating more kindness and self-compassion into their self-dialogue and self-reflections.

As an MSC Trained Teacher, Dr. Crisp will will incorporate training about self-compassion into the courses she teaches. Through this, Dr. Crisp hopes to teach her students some self-compassion practices needed to aid them in responding more positively to themselves when encountering their own potential prejudices and biases. She also hopes that students will learn how to respond to themselves with a softer and more gentle internal voice. Finally, she hopes that by becoming more compassionate with themselves, students will become more compassionate with others in their lives.

When asked for final thoughts on the benefits of her work, Dr. Crisp stated that she would like for others to realize that self-compassion is an “inside out job”. She says that when we are kind to ourselves, we can be kinder to others around us. Dr. Crisp also emphasized that the process of self-compassion inclusion can be extremely difficult at times. She states that its harder to be kind to ourselves than it is to be kind to others but that we should work to begin treating ourselves like we would a close friend.

Past Faculty Spotlights

  • Photo of Dr. Chris Lloyd
    Dr. Chris Lloyd
    Dr. Chris Lloyd began teaching in the social work department at UA Little Rock in the fall of 2007. Dr. Lloyd’s specialities in the classroom include research methods, parenting, and assessment and differential diagnosis. In the field, Dr. Lloyd has been working for the past two years with Arkansas’ law enforcement officers since being recruited to teach about personality disorders as well as substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.  


Group of people working together in a conference area.

MidSOUTH is the community service unit of the UA Little Rock School of Social Work. MidSOUTH provides leadership, training, and product support in the areas of addiction, child welfare, technology, distance learning, and organizational development. MidSOUTH has five training locations across the state. For more information about MidSOUTH’s programs and services, please explore their website or call 501-569-3067.


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