Student Organizations

Student Social Work Organization

Believe There is Good in The WorldThe mission of the Student Social Work Organization is to represent, lead and unify the student body within the School of Social Work, to decide and act responsibly for the students’ interests and to work with the faculty and administration within the School of Social Work and of UA Little Rock in the pursuit of our mutual interests and more.

The SSWO serves as the primary voice for social work students. Eligibility for membership requires that a student be formally admitted to any program in the School of Social Work and in good standing within said program, and payment of membership dues. Students who have declared social work as their major but are not formally admitted to the program may attend meetings and functions but do not have voting privileges. The SSWO generally meets monthly during the academic year while officers meet more frequently.

Objectives of the SSWO include:

  • To engage social work students in professional networking by encouraging all UA Little Rock social work students to join SSWO.
  • To provide a variety of meeting forums that range from networking, professional development, and socialization as relates to the social work profession at large.
  • To collaborate with other organizations and entities within and without the campus who share similar missions/purposes in alignment with social work ethics, values, and principles

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Association of Black Social Workers

The ABSW UA Little Rock chapter is comprised of people of African Ancestry who are committed to enhancing the quality of life, promoting social justice, and empowering people through advocacy, human services and outreach. ABSW aims to create a sacred space for social justice, activism, and advocacy within the UA Little Rock Social Work community. The faculty advisers are Dr. Burse ( and Dr. McElwee ( Additional information about the officers, meetings, and upcoming events will be presented below in the weeks ahead.