Exploring the History of Societies and Cultures

Understanding the past helps you understand the world as it is today. Pursuing a history degree gives students knowledge about historical events and an understanding of the causes and processes involved in the development of cultures. Students also become aware of the function of change and continuities in past societies and learn to appreciate and respect the variety of human experiences.

As a history major at UA Little Rock, you will have the opportunity for an internship and will learn important skills that are attractive to a wide range of employers. Graduates use these skills in a variety of jobs as educators, researchers, editors, information managers, advocates, or business executives.

Our History of Civilization courses are important elements of the UA Little Rock core that is required of almost all students. These courses help them improve their knowledge of the past and their skills in analytical thinking, coherent argument, and clarity of expression.

We invite the community to share in the excitement of historical discovery through the annual Evenings with History series.

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