B.A. in History with Honors

Honors in History

The History Department offers students the opportunity to graduate with Honors in History.

To graduate with Honors a student must have:
• 3.25 overall grade point average
• 3.50 in History courses
Honors students will take an Honors Thesis course (HIST 4322) that involves individual research supervision with a faculty member. The course is worth 3 credits and counts toward the 36-hour requirement for the History Major. A Thesis Committee consisting of the supervisor and two other faculty members must approve the thesis topic. A recommendation by the Thesis Committee is required for the student to graduate with Honors.


· Students interested in writing a thesis should approach the faculty member whose work most closely matches their interests and ask him or her to be the thesis committee chair.

· The thesis committee consists of three people, one of whom acts as chair. One member can be from outside the department if necessary.
· Before a student can register for the honors thesis class they must have a proposal approved by the committee. The proposal should be approved the semester before they plan to write the thesis.

· The proposal should consist of:

· a two-page outline of the student’s argument and how they plan to develop the argument.

· a timeline for completing the thesis

· a bibliography that outlines the relevant secondary literature as well as the main body of primary sources the student plans to use.

· The student meets with the committee as necessary throughout the semester, and should submit drafts as appropriate.

· The thesis should be 30-50 pages and must be, primarily, an analysis of primary sources.

· The student defends the thesis before his/her committee and anyone else who is interested in hearing the defense.

· The committee will confer to determine whether the thesis is worthy of honors.

· On approval of the thesis, the committee chair will submit a form to Records and Registration to indicate that a student is graduating with honors in history. The form is due on the same day that final grades are due in any given semester, so the thesis must be completed, defended, and the committee evaluation done, no later than a day or two before final grades are due.

For more information contact Department Chair, Jess Porter jcporter@ualr.edu