The School of Counseling, Human Performance, and Rehabilitation (CHPR) provides a quality education to a heterogeneous student body at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The goal is to prepare students with the special knowledge and skills for professional work in education and human service fields, and to enhance students’ abilities to be successful in their chosen fields of study.


CHPR offers four graduate degrees and two undergraduate degrees.

The undergraduate degrees are:

The graduate degrees are:

CHPR offers two academic minors and ASL for the Foreign Language requirement:

  • Minor in Sign Language Studies

    (Non-interpretation Majors Only)
    The minor in Sign Language Studies requires 18 hours. The program is designed to provide a basic knowledge of American Sign Language and English-based sign language systems, the profession of interpreting, and the field of deafness. Required courses include INTR 1320, 1321, 2320, and 1340. Students must complete two additional courses from INTR 2330, 2280, 2321, 2240 or 2344. Students interested in becoming professional interpreters for persons who are deaf, deaf-blind, or hard of hearing will need additional course work beyond the requirements of this minor.

  • Minor in Educational Interpreting

    (Interpretation Majors Only)
    The minor in Educational Interpreting requires 18 hours. The program is designed to provide students majoring in Interpretation with the special skills necessary for interpreting in K-12 educational settings. Required courses include INTR 3344, 3350, 3372, 4346, 4370, 4384.

  • Nine credit hours of American Sign Language or demonstration of the equivalent proficiency will meet the second language requirement at UALR.

Office Information:

Location: Dickenson Hall Room 515
Hours: Monday through Friday ~ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Phone: 501.569.3523
Fax: 501.569.8129

Sign Language Lab Hours:

Monday through Friday ~ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Ella Irby, Lab Assistant
IEP Lab Schedule: Check with the IEP Program lab assistant at the beginning of the semester.

Contact Information:

Department Chair
Jennifer K. Holtz, Ph.D.
Phone: 501.569.3169
Dickenson Hall Suite 515