Faculty and Staff

CHPR Main Office

Main Office
Office Location: Dickinson Hall, Suite 515
Office Phone: 501.569.3169
Fax: 501.569.8129

Jasmine Hawkins
Administrative Specialist III
Office Location: DKSN 515
Office Phone: 501.569.3169
Email: jdhawkins@ualr.edu

Amber Bartolotta
Student Services Coordinator
Office Location: DKSN 515G
Office Phone: 501.569.3470
Email: adkrum@ualr.edu

Adult Education

Jennifer K. Holtz, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Adult Education Program Coordinator
Office Location: DKSN 515A
Office Phone: 501.569.3169
Email: jkholtz@ualr.edu

Counseling & Rehabilitation

William E. Garner, Rh.D., CRC, LPC
Office Location: DKSN 513
Office Phone: 501.569.3555
E-mail: wegarner@ualr.edu

Dent Gitchel, Ph.D., CRC
Associate Professor
Rehabilitation Counseling Program Coordinator
Office Location: DKSN 510
Office Phone: 501.569.8555
E-mail: wdgitcheljr@ualr.edu

James M. Grover, Ph.D., CRC
Associate Professor
Office Location: DKSN 511
Office Phone: 501.683.7084
E-mail: jmgrover@ualr.edu

Euchay Horsman, Ph.D., CRC
Assistant Professor
Office Location: DKSN 618
Office Phone: 501.569.8270
E-mail: enhorsman@ualr.edu

Jason Kushner, Ph.D.
Counselor Education Program Coordinator
Office Location: DKSN 514
Office Phone: 501.683.7443
E-mail: jdkushner@ualr.edu

John W. McAllister, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor
Rehabilitation of the Blind Program Coordinator
Office Location: DKSN 515-G
Office Phone: 501.569.8506
E-mail: jwmcallister@ualr.edu

Raymond C. Ortega, Ed.D., CRC, LPC
Associate Professor
Rehabilitation Counseling Field Work Coordinator
Office Location: DKSN 509
Office Phone: 501.682.2571
E-mail: rcortega@ualr.edu

Health Education Promotion

Katie Helms, Ed.D. 
Assistant Professor
Graduate Coordinator Sport Management
Office Location: DKSN 609
Office Phone: 501.683.7206
E-mail: kehelms@ualr.edu

Amar Kanekar, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor
Coordinator Health Education Promotion
Office Location: DKSN 612
Office Phone: 501.683.0512
E-mail: axkanekar@ualr.edu

Laurie Knight
Adv. Instructor
Office Location: DKSN 608
Office Phone: 501.569.8960
E-mail: lvknight@ualr.edu

Newman McGee, Ed.D.
Office Location: DKSN 610
Office Phone: 501.682.5852
E-mail: nemcgee@ualr.edu

Jeremy Paprocki
Office Location: DKSN 608
Office Phone: 501.569.3541
E-mail: jxpaprocki@ualr.edu

Bennie Prince, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Undergraduate Health Human Performance Program Coordinator
Office Location: DKSN 605
Office Phone: 501.683.7201
E-mail: bfprince@ualr.edu

Chad Sanders
Sponsor HHP Connection Student Organization
Office Location: DKSN 614
Office Phone: 501.683.7646
E-mail: cxsanders@ualr.edu

Janea Snyder, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Office Location: DKSN 616
Office Phone: 501.683.7575
E-mail: jlsnyder@ualr.edu

Gannon White, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Coordinator of Exercise Science
Office Location: DKSN 615
Office Phone: 501.569.3508
E-mail: gawhite@ualr.edu

Rusty Wright
Senior Instructor
Sponsor HHP Connection Student Organization
Office Location: DKSN 611
Office Phone: 501.569.3509
E-mail: crwright@ualr.edu

Interpreting for the Deaf

Glenn Anderson, Ph.D., CRC
Office Location: DKSN 515-D
Office Phone: 501.246.8294 (Video Phone)
E-mail: gbanderson@ualr.edu

Raphael James
Senior Instructor
OSEP Project Director
Office Location: DKSN 515-B
Office Phone: 501.569.8126
E-mail: rajames@ualr.edu

Jami Hollingsworth, M.Ed., CI, CT
Senior Instructor
OSEP Project Coordinator
Office Location: DKSN 515-C
Office Phone: 501.569.8507
E-mail: jjhollingswo@ualr.edu

Ella Irby
Lab Assistant
Email: ebirby@ualr.edu

Linda Stauffer, Ph.D., CSC, OTC
Interpreting Program Coordinator
Office Location: DKSN 515-E
Office Phone: 501.569.8508
E-mail: lkstauffer@ualr.edu