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The Department of World Languages offers a B.A. in World Languages with concentrations available in French and Spanish, minors in French and Spanish, and a Certificate in Workplace Spanish.

Why study language and cultures at UA Little Rock?

Our courses will enable you to…

  • Communicate with people from other countries and cultures
  • Become a competitive professional in today’s global market
  • Pursue advanced degrees in the humanities and social sciences or professions such as law, healthcare, social work, education, and business
  • Pursue certification in interpretation and translation
  • Pursue licensure in K-12 education and ESL certification
  • Study, travel, live, and work abroad

In addition to building proficiency in speaking, reading, writing and listening in second language, our coursework cultivates critical thinking and analysis through engagement with a range of cultural products, including art, film, music, and literature. Our curricula combine proficiency-based instruction with a classic liberal arts education. We also offer specialized classes in language for specific purposes and professions.

Our department offers faculty-led summer study abroad programs in France, Latin America, and Spain, and students are encouraged to study abroad for semester and year-long programs. We also assist students who cannot study abroad for extended periods of time to find shorter (one- or two-week) options for language immersion programs. Our Office of Study Abroad can help you find the right program for your needs and explore financial aid and scholarship options.