Careers in Geology

Geology graduates typically pursue careers in one of four major sectors:

  • Industry
    Examples: petroleum, metals and minerals mining, resources mining (sand and gravel, aggregate, etc.)
  • Environmental
    Examples: environmental consulting, hydrology, mapping/GIS analysis, non-profit work, conservation
  • Government
    Examples: US Geological Survey, Department of Energy, Arkansas Geological Survey, Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, Arkansas Natural Resources Commission
  • Education/Research
    Examples: K-12 teaching, university teaching and/or research

Although it is possible to begin your career with only a bachelor’s degree, graduate study in a more narrow field within the Earth sciences that interests you is highly recommended. There is an abundance of geoscience and related jobs today, and this trend is expected to continue well into the future as demand for fossil fuels, water, and other resources (precious metals, base metals, industrial minerals, etc.) continues to grow. Salaries are highly competitive, and average starting salaries are typically higher than many other scientific fields.

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