Rock formation. Geology careers

Careers in Geology

Geologists are scientists who study the Earth – its history, nature, materials, and processes. Choosing to pursue a degree and have a career in geology can lead to a rewarding future for anyone who is interested in the Earth and how it works. Many of our alums work in central Arkansas at places such as Southwestern Energy, United States Geological Survey, Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, Terracon, and the Arkansas Geological Survey. We also have alumni in geosciences graduate programs or otherwise employed throughout the United States and the world.

There are many types of geologists, such as environmental geologists, economic geologists, engineering geologists, geomorphologists, geophysicists, structural geologists, petroleum geologists, hydrogeologists and more. You can specialize in various fields from understanding the Earth’s structure to exploring the depths of its resources.

Geology offers a variety of exciting career opportunities with competitive salaries. Although it is possible to begin your career with only a bachelor’s degree, specialized graduate study is highly recommended.

Geology graduates typically pursue careers in one of four major sectors:

  • Industry
    Examples: petroleum, metals and minerals mining, resources mining (sand and gravel, aggregate, etc.)
  • Environmental
    Examples: environmental consulting, hydrology, mapping/GIS analysis, non-profit work, conservation
  • Education/Research
    Examples: K-12 teaching, university teaching and/or research

Career Resources

For more information on geoscience careers, check out the following resources: