Geology and Ecology of the Bahamas Course

The Geology and Ecology of the Bahamas (ERSC 4353/5353) course allows students to explore the geology and ecology of the shallow-water marine environment by examining the preeminent modern example — the Bahamas platform. The Bahamas provide an excellent environment for understanding modern and ancient carbonate and reef deposits, and a variety of terrestrial/aquatic habitats.

Biological processes are ultimately responsible for many of the geological features of the Bahamas, so the course considers the biology/ecology of marine organisms in addition to geologic topics. The field component is based at the Gerace Research Field Center for Geological, Biological, and Anthropological Research on San Salvador Island, Bahamas.

Geology students in the Bahamas waterGeology students in the Bahamas water Geology students in the Bahamas Geology students in the Bahamas studying

Requirements and Additional Information

Any UA Little Rock student can register for this course, but students must have completed eight hours of core science and must have consent of the instructors.

Students must also know how to swim and be physically able to navigate over rough terrain.

Study Abroad: Geology and Ecology in the Bahamas

College in the Bahamas. Dr. Rene Schroat-Lewis and Dr. Laura Ruhl took a group of students to San Salvador Island as part of the Geology and Ecology of the Bahamas course.

Photos and video by UA Little Rock photographer Ben Krain