Undergraduate Geology Programs

The Geology program at UA Little Rock offers two undergraduate degrees and two minors. The faculty are committed to preparing students for scientific, technical, or management careers in the geosciences or related fields.

Bachelor of Science in Geology

The Bachelor of Science in Geology offers in-depth training in geology and other geosciences. It emphasizes a core understanding of such areas as hydrogeology, petrology, structural geology, sedimentology, and mineralogy. It also requires supporting coursework in chemistry, physics, and mathematics.

View the full curriculum along with the eight semester plan.

Bachelor of Science in Geology, Environmental Geology Concentration

We also offer an Environmental Geology Concentration for the Bachelor of Science in Geology. This concentration combines training in traditional geology topics and courses with an environmental focus. It includes a broad array of course choices such as oceanography, climate studies, geomorphology, GIS, and paleobiology. Supporting coursework in chemistry, physics, and mathematics is also required.

View the full curriculum for this concentration along with the eight semester plan.

Minors in Geology and Environmental Geology

Our program offers two minors: geology and environmental geology. These minors are ideal for students who have already completed Physical Geology and Historical Geology as their core science courses. Additional electives in both minors can be selected to match student interest in Geology sub-disciplines such as oceanography, GIS, hydrogeology, and many others.

Real World Experience

Nearly all of our courses provide geology students with the opportunity to participate in field experiences, including travel to the Bahamas as part of an elective class or to National Parks. Geology majors also participate in a Geology field camp as their capstone experience. These real world experiences help prepare students for careers in geology.

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