Long Term Disability

The University pays the entire cost of your basic long-term disability insurance policy if you work half time or more on a regular appointment basis (not hourly). This coverage is for all eligible employees whose annual salary is $20,000 or less. Your coverage is automatic, starting with your first day of work.

If you are approved for disability through the University LTD plan, you may receive a disability benefit of up to 60% of your base salary (up to $1,000 maximum monthly benefit) beginning with the seventh month of your disability. Disability benefits will cease on the earliest of the date you are no longer disabled, the date you die, and the end of the maximum benefit period. In some cases, benefits may continue beyond age 65, depending on the employee’s age at the time of disability.

Long Term Disability is designed to coordinate with other forms of disability payments, such as Social Security and Workers’ Compensation, so that you will receive a total income of 60% of salary (up to a maximum $1,000 per month).

During the first 31 days following termination of employment, a former employee may be eligible to convert their Basic and Optional Long Term Disability insurance without having to furnish evidence of good health. An application and premium payment must be submitted within the first 31 days following termination of employment. An application to convert coverage is available by contacting Department of Human Resources at 569-3180.

(Board Policy 430.3)