HR Learning and Development

Human Resources Learning and Development strives to provide training programs to empower employees and improve university processes. Our methods of training include a consultation approach to support the needs of employees and UA Little Rock aimed at maximizing performance by providing in-person, online, and blended training options.

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Training helps employees learn specific knowledge or skills to improve performance in their current roles. The goal is to help our employees become better workers and to equip them with the skills they need to manage themselves and their teams.

Development is more expansive and focuses on employee growth and future performance. Employee development gives employees a good chance to realize their potential and eventually work at their highest level. Developing employees’ skills and careers is an investment for both our employees and UA Little Rock.

HR Training and Development provides training opportunities to accommodate the needs and issues our employees face in today’s workplace. Training programs can be customized for department needs or position-specific to ensure that employees receive the necessary training to perform their jobs with the utmost confidence and expertise.

Contact the Department of Human Resources to discuss training opportunities for individuals, teams, and departments