Accreditation & Assessment

MSIQ Assessment

To ensure that the MSIQ program achieves its goal of being a premiere provider of masters level education in the field of information quality, the faculty has designated that graduates of the MSIQ program should possess the following knowledge and skill areas upon completion of the program.

  • Graduates must have a solid foundation in Information Science concepts and techniques, particularly those related to database applications
  • Graduates must know the basic principles of total quality management and statistical process control.
  • Graduates must possess the tools and knowledge for how to define, measure, manage, and improve information quality at all levels (operational, tactical, and strategic) of an organization.
  • Graduates must be able to multitask and manage both their time and projects effectively.
  • Graduates must demonstrate strong communication, interpersonal, leadership, and team skills.
  • Graduates must be able to think analytically and critically.

Assessment Methods

To evaluate how successfully the MSIQ program is achieving its program objectives for its graduates, a variety of assessment approaches will be used.

  • At the end of each course, MSIQ students will be asked to evaluate the course and suggest ideas for improvement using an anonymous survey instrument.
  • At the end of each academic year, MSIQ students will be asked to evaluate the program and to suggest program improvements.
  • Follow-up surveys of MSIQ graduates will be conducted 6 months after graduation and then again 3 years after graduation.
  • Follow-up survey with employers of MSIQ graduates will be conducted one year after graduation.

Assessment Procedures

  • A MSIQ assessment coordinator will be responsible for organizing the assessment data collection, analysis, and reporting.
  • The Information Science faculty will meet each semester to discuss the assessment results, evaluate the intellectual content and quality of the MSIQ program, propose improvements, and check the progress of those course and program improvements currently underway.
  • The results of the MSIQ assessment will be documented and made available to any MSIQ stakeholder group (faculty, students, administration, other governing bodies).