Sociology Jobs

What can bachelors-level graduates do with their degree in sociology?

Some work in jobs related to the sociology major, but most find meaningful work in other fields. About one-quarter of graduates with full-time jobs were employed in social service and counseling occupations, most likely in nonprofit organizations. In these occupations, graduates deal with social problems that they explored as part of their sociology major. Graduates also work providing administrative support and management skills in a wide variety of for-profit organizations or in state or local government. Nationally, about two-thirds of those who said their jobs were closely related to what they had learned as sociology majors were very satisfied with their jobs.

Employers place a high priority on hiring graduates with the skills that sociology majors bring to the workforce, such as writing, critical thinking, taking initiative, and creativity. Sociology graduates with backgrounds in statistics are also valuable to employers. Private sector employers envision sociologists as employable in personnel, labor relations, and social service administration.

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