Research and Student Spotlight

At UA Little Rock, we foster a culture of curiosity, critical thinking, and academic success. Our sociology students conduct research that delves into societal issues and sheds light on human behavior and society.

Our professors encourage students to engage in studies and projects related to contemporary sociological research. Below are examples of the work of our student scholars.

Student Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

Recipients of the 2024 SURF Grant administered by the Arkansas Division of Higher Education:

Student: Susan McCain
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jiabin Fan
SURF project title: Understanding the Sexualization and Objectification of Gender in Print Advertisements Over Time: An Intersectional Approach.

Student: Yvonne Rodriguez
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Neveen Shafeek Amin
SURF project title: Examining Push and Pull Factors among Oaxacan Immigrants in Arkansas and Natives in Oaxaca: A Comparative Case Study.

Signature Experience Grant (SEG)

Recipients of the SEG:

Student: Yvonne Rodriguez, Donaghey Scholar Student
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Neveen Shafeek Amin
Research Topic: Why Arkansas? A Comparative Case Study on the Push and Pull Factors that Influence Oaxacan Immigrants in Arkansas and Natives in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Student: Stacy Howard-Parchel, McNair Scholar
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jiabin Fan
Research Topic: What Are the Most Prevalent Factors Contributing to the Plight of Homelessness in Little Rock in Arkansas?

Student Spotlight

Learn about these sociology program scholars.

Yvonne Rodriguez, Donaghey Scholar
Double major in Sociology and Political Science

Rodriguez Named LULAC Student of the Year
Women to Watch at UA Little Rock 2023: Yvonne Rodriguez
Hispanic Heritage Month Student Spotlight: Yvonne Rodriguez

CHASSE Ambassador 2023-2024
Signature Experience Grant Recipient, 2022-2023 & 2023-2024
LULAC 750 Scholarship recipient (2022-2023) & (2023-2024)
LULAC Student of the Year (2023)
James R. Garison Endowed Book Award (2022) (2023)

Stacy Howard-Parchel, McNair Scholar
Signature Experience Grant Recipient, 2023-2024