Sociology Advising

Advising Information

Whether you’re planning to take classes in person or online, all students MUST be advised each semester before registering for classes. At least a week ahead of the official start to early registration, you will receive an email from one of the sociology program faculty members with your advising information. After you have reviewed the advising form, you may have discussions with your advisor by email, video chat, or phone if needed.

You must acknowledge you received the advising form and agree with it. Once you do that, we will remove any restrictions on your registration (advising flag) and allow you to enroll in your courses. You can register for your classes when registration opens, but only after you’ve completed these steps.

If the registration period has already begun, and you have not received advising information, check your UA Little Rock email for an advising email. If you cannot find one, call 501-916-3173.

New Sociology Students

If you were not an active sociology major this semester, please call us at 501-916-3173 so we can set up an advising appointment. Please be prepared to provide your name, T number, contact information, and a brief description of your situation when you call.


Internships are a great way to network and get real-world experience. You can work with Dr. David Briscoe, our internship coordinator, to find an organization that best meets your interests and needs. If you would be interested in doing an internship, please contact Dr. Briscoe at The course number is SOCI 4328 and instructor approval is required.