BA in Sociology

Update – BA in Sociology Now Online!

We are now admitting select students into an Online Campus (Online only) BA in Sociology program.  The online major is identical in course content to the main campus major (see below) except that you can complete the degree entirely online.  For more information about being admitted to the online major, email Dr. Lopez (  For more information about the Online campus and the Sociology major cost, visit this link.

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

A BA in Sociology consists of at least 30 credit hours of sociology, including:

  • SOCI 2300 – Introduction to Sociology
  • A Sociological theory class:  SOCI 3383 – Classical Theory OR SOCI 3384 – Contemporary Theory
  • SOCI 3381 – Social Statistics
  • SOCI 3385 – Research Methods
  • SOCI 4387 – Senior Capstone Seminar
  • 15 upper-level credit hours of sociology courses approved by a sociology advisor

But what does that mean?  How do I get a degree in Sociology?

For any UALR Bachelor’s degree, you need to complete 120 total hours, 45 of which must be upper level.  Upper level means junior-or senior level classes, which you can recognize because the course number starts with a 3 or 4 – for example “SOCI 3381” or “ANTH4487”.

To successfully complete a BA with a Sociology major at UALR, you need to:

1.  Complete the UALR Standard Core and the College of Social Science and Communications Core. Together these are a total of 35 credit hours.  Details here:

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2. Reach intermediate competency in a second language.  Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, or American Sign Language are options here at UALR, other languages may also be possible.  You can demonstrate intermediate competency in a number of ways including testing out of all or some of the courses, or successfully completing the third course in one language.  (A maximum of three semesters or 9 hours).

NEW:  For incoming students with a catalog year of Fall 2017 or later, the language requirement has been changed to only two semesters of the same language (or the equivalent competency).

3. Complete the following courses in Sociology:
SOCI 2300 – Introduction to Sociology
SOCI 3383 – Classical Theory OR SOCI 3384 – Contemporary Theory
*SOCI 3381 – Social Statistics
*SOCI 3385 – Research Methods
*SOCI 4387 – (Senior) Seminar
Plus 15 upper-level credit hours of sociology courses approved by a sociology advisor

* It is highly recommended that you take these three classes in this order:  First, take SOCI 3381 Social Statistics, then the following semester take SOCI 3385 Research Methods.  Then, in your final year before graduation, take SOCI 4387 Senior Capstone Seminar.  The courses are designed to build on one another and help you achieve a strong understanding of the basics of sociology and what you can do with an undergraduate degree in the field.

The Sociology degree is 30 total credit hours, 27 of which are upper level and are used to partially fulfill the overall UALR graduation requirement mentioned above. 

4.  If you take the required classes for the core, 9 hours of foreign language, and the required courses for the major, you will also need 46 hours of additional courses, at least 18 of which must be upper level.  You are not required to take a minor, but many people choose to, and if you do, those courses will count towards these remaining 46 hours.  Talk to your Sociology advisor about what courses will best help you work towards your future goals.

Need more information?

For detailed course and more program information, please consult the appropriate course catalog.

You can also always contact us if you have further questions.