Study Abroad Website Transition

In 2021, the Office of Study Abroad is getting a new application management system.  To ensure this process is as seamless and student friendly as possible, here’s some general information about the changes that will take place for those students studying abroad during our transition to the new system.

First, all students participating in a study abroad program will be required to submit documents through the portal below.  We understand that not all students will have all of these materials to submit, so please watch your emails from Study Abroad Staff to ensure that you’re submitting the right information!  If you have questions, don’t hesitate to email: or call: 501.916.3376!

Study Abroad Application Material Submission Portal

The Office of Study Abroad is transitioning between two study abroad application management system. For those students studying abroad during Summer 2020, you will be required to submit application documents through this portal. If you have any questions, please contact or 501.569.3376.
    You can select more than 1.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, pdf, png, jpeg.
  • If you need to submit emergency contact information, please visit this website:

Here is some general information/FAQs:

How to apply for your passport: 

Here’s the information you need to know to apply for your passport:
1.Completed application form(s).
Forms are available at the library, or online at
*must have or know Social Security Number
(Note: Forms must be completed in BLACK INK ONLY.)

2. Proof of citizenship (at least one of the following):

United States Birth Certificate (must be a certified copy with a raised or colored seal. Photocopies, scanned computer prints, or hospital birth records are not acceptable)
U.S. Citizen’s Birth Abroad Papers
Previous United States Passport
Naturalization Papers

3. Current Photo Identification (one of the following)
Driver’s License
State Identification Card
Military Identification
Previous Passport

4. Payment (per application)
Routine Applications:
Check or Money Order for $110 (adults, age 16 and up) to the U.S. Department of State ($80 for minors, under age 16)
Expedited Applications:
One check or money order for $170 (adults) to the U.S. Department of State ($140 for minors, under age 16)

For complete information, visit the Department of State website. 

Instructions/Information on the Consortium Agreement for Financial Aid

The UA Little Rock Consortium Agreement helps link your UA Little Rock Financial Aid with your study abroad program. All students who go on an independent program (fall, summer, or spring) are required to fill out the Consortium Agreement for Financial Aid.

This is NOT required for students who are going on a short-term faculty led program (less than 14 days) or one that is tied to a UALR course.

Directions for completing the Consortium Agreement: Please have your international institution/program provider fill out Section IV, then fill out and sign Section I and return to the Office of Study Abroad, who will complete the form and return it to the Office of Financial Aid. Please do not take this form to Financial Aid, the Office of Study Abroad has to write you an acceptance letter and put additional documentation together before we submit this form on your behalf.  If you have any questions, email or call 501.916.3376.

Do you need a Disciplinary Clearance Form?

If your program provider or international institution requires a disciplinary check, you must first sign all of the waivers, which indicate that the Office of Study Abroad has permission to share your information with the Dean of Students’ Office to perform the check.  Please email your form to or drop it off in the Study Abroad Office (DSC 201J) and we will get the Dean of Students’ Office to clear you.

How do I pay for my Study Abroad Program?

If you have elected to study abroad with one of our affiliate partners or international partner institutions (University of Orleans, API, ISA, SIT, World Endeavors, or Global Oregon), you are responsible for paying those partners on your own.  You will receive a refund from Financial Aid on the first day of your program, and you will pay the institution or affiliate partner directly.  They should provide you information in your application materials about making payments.

If you are on a faculty-led program (one tied to a UA Little Rock course), your faculty program leader has set deposit and payment dates based on payment due to our international partners and vendors.  For more information on your deposit/payment deadlines, contact your faculty program leader.

The Office of Study Abroad will post charges to your UA-Little Rock student account, based on these deposit/payment deadlines. To pay your study abroad charges you can:

  1. Go to the Cashier’s Office, which is found on the first floor of the Student Services Center, and pay with cash, credit/debit card, or check/money order.
  2. Pay online through the BOSS system.

If you need to set up payment plans for your study abroad, please email We are happy to work with you.  We ask that your entire fee be paid before you leave for your study abroad experience.

Do my grades count while I’m abroad? How will my grades show up on my UA Little Rock transcript?

The Office of Study Abroad will accept an electronic or hard copy of your transcript.  It is essential that you get your transcript to the Office of Study Abroad for processing, not to your faculty member, records and registration, or financial aid. Any grades earned abroad WILL count towards your UA Little Rock GPA.

Here is our address:
UALR Office of Study Abroad
2801 South University Avenue
DSC 201J
Little Rock, AR 72204

Our process for study abroad transcripts:
1. Transcript is received by Director of Study Abroad.
2. Director fills out Course Approval Form based on courses on transcript while comparing to courses on students pre-approval form.
3. Director sends Course Approval Form to the Department Chair for signature. This can take between 1-10 business days.
4. Director sends student a copy of their transcript with a note that it is being processed.
5. Director takes fully signed Course Approval Form to Records and Registration for processing. This can take between 5-15 business days.
6. Director sends student a copy of their Course Approval Form and transcript with a note the day it is taken to Records and Registration.
7. Records and Registration will update your UA Little Rock transcript and your financial aid will be updated.