Passports and Visas


A passport is required for everyone traveling out of the country. Applying for a passport can be a time consuming process, so taking care of this early in your travel preparations is the best idea.

Keep in mind that all students studying outside of the U.S. will need to have a passport before departure and a copy of your passport will be needed in the UA Little Rock Office of Study Abroad.

Download the application for a US Passport and apply in person at the Laman Library in North Little Rock. Laman Library is a full-service acceptance facility that has Saturday hours.


A visa is permission granted to foreign visitors to enter a country provided the visitor presents the proper documents at the port of entry. This permission is in the form of a stamp placed in your passport. Visas can be obtained from the embassy of the country you wish to visit. Usually you will complete the necessary forms and send your passport, application form, and additional requested information to the consulate located in the U.S. Other information may include proof of health insurance, admission letter from host institution, and/or financial verification of bank accounts. Visit the US Department of State’s travel website to check whether you will need a visa to study in your host country.