Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs

One of the main functions of the Office of Study Abroad is to assist UA Little Rock faculty with developing and executing short-term study abroad experiences. Many students who study abroad at UA Little Rock elect to go on a faculty-led study abroad experience, so it is essential that we provide high quality and high impact experiences.

The Office of Study Abroad is happy to work with faculty throughout the program development process. If you are a UA Little Rock faculty member who would like to take students on a faculty-led study abroad course, please follow the guidelines below. Pay careful attention to the deadlines listed. Contact the Office of Study Abroad at studyabroad@ualr.edu for any questions. You can also view the FAQs for faculty-led programs.

Forms for Faculty

Deadlines for Faculty-Led Proposals for 2025 Trips

  • For Spring Break 2025, the deadline is February 1, 2024
  • For Summer 2025, the deadline June 1, 2024
  • For Fall 2025, the deadline is September 1, 2024

Faculty-Led Study Abroad Guidelines

Planning Considerations:

  • Your experience in traveling abroad, especially to the country or countries you plan to take students
  • The amount of support from your department chair and college dean
  • The safety of the country or countries to be visited
  • The time investment in planning a study abroad trip
  • The potential dates of the trip
  • The potential student interest in the trip (10 student minimum)
  • The cost of the trip
  • Sources of financial support for students
  • Contingency plans

Faculty interested in running a faculty-led study abroad course should meet with the study abroad coordinator at least 18 months before the proposed date of the trip to review procedures and required documentation.

The study abroad office will connect the faculty leader with a potential program provider. The program provider will take the trip information (dates, places, activities, needs) from the faculty leader, develop an itinerary, and provide program fee estimates (based on the 10 student minimum) to be included in the budget.

The same faculty-led study abroad courses may not be scheduled in back-to-back years. This approach encourages larger student groups, which helps reduce student costs.

Ready to Propose a Faculty-Led Study Abroad Course?

  • The deadline for submitting a proposal for a faculty-led study abroad course is 12 months prior to the semester of travel.
  • A comprehensive budget should be submitted with the form. Faculty are advised not to underestimate costs.
  • A contingency plan for a back-up leader should also be submitted with the form. This plan will outline who will lead the trip in the event that the original faculty leader cannot.

My Course Was Approved, Now What?

  • Work with Study Abroad and Program Provider to finalize contract and to secure accommodations.
  • Work with Chair to make sure course is made available in the appropriate semester. Registration restrictions should be placed on the course so that students cannot register without permission.
  • The study abroad office will then create an application in VIA-TRM for students to complete.

Student Recruitment

  • The faculty leader is responsible for recruiting students to participate in the study abroad course/trip.
  • The faculty leader should invite the study abroad coordinator to any interest meetings with students.
  • Students who commit to participate should create a profile in VIA-TRM and complete the application for the specific trip.
  • Rosters of students must be finalized by the start of the semester before the semester of travel.
  • Students must pay the costs of round-trip airfare by the start of the semester before the semester of travel.
  • A minimum of 10 students are required for the trip to take place.

Financial Concerns

  • Students must pay the estimated cost of airfare at the start of the semester before summer travel.
  • Students must pay a $50 application fee for faculty-led, short-term study abroad trips.
  • Students cannot register for the course/trip until the airfare and application fee is paid.
  • Students must pay all other non-tuition related program costs two months before travel.
  • All program costs are non-refundable.
  • Faculty should not promise students financial aid over which they have no authority.

Passports and Other Travel Documentation

  • Students should already possess a valid passport before applying for the course/trip.
  • Passports should not expire within 6 months past the dates of travel (This is standard for entry into most countries).
  • Faculty leaders are responsible for collecting copies of passports. They should provide one copy to the study abroad office and take another copy of each student’s passport with them on the trip.
  • If visas are required, the study abroad office and the program provider will assist in securing the visas.

Pre-Departure Orientation

  • Faculty and students must attend a pre-departure orientation presented by the study abroad office.
  • Students must also complete required forms provided by the study abroad office before departure.

Study Abroad Services for Faculty-Led Short-Term Study Abroad Trips:

  • Receives the proposal form
  • Connects faculty leader with program provider, if applicable
  • Facilitates program provider contract for required signatures
  • Creates student application specific to the trip in VIA-TRM
  • Submits Student Trip Authorization Form on behalf of faculty trip leader
  • Submits Travel Authorization Request on behalf of faculty trip leader
  • Collects non-tuition related program and travel fees from students
  • Submits Expense Report for student related travel costs
  • Purchases round-trip airfare from travel agent
  • Pays invoices from program providers for student related costs
  • Provides pre-departure orientation to students and faculty